Monday, June 10

Free Download Rescue 2013 PC Game

Rescue 2013: Everyday Heroes for PC
rescue 2013

Everyday Heroes is a challenging and realistic rescue simulation, offering features typical to PC simulations, as well as popular RPG and management genres. 

Game New Features:
  1. A rousing new management simulation from the Creative Director of the bestselling book “Cities in Motion”
  2. Including innovative hose Legungs system in the missions, internal attacks and radio
  3. all vehicle models in the game are developed in cooperation with Finnish and German fire stations and real models of fire and rescue vehicles modeled
  4. Incl. Freeplay Mode and modding friendly (modding workshop is via patch after the official release)
  5. place you in various exciting day and night missions emergencies, such as derailed trains, house fires, Autobahnkarambolagen, plane crashes, factory fires, etc.

Developer: Rondomedia
Publisher: Fragment Production
Genre: Simulator

Total Program Size: 834MB

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